My services:

Orienteering maps from low to high scale (school maps, company maps, maps for orienteering)
For example: High scale is 1: 1000; 1:2000; 1:4000; 1:5000;
Standard scale: 1:7500; 1:10000; 1:15000;

• Orienteering maps from your base materials (base map, ortophoto, old map or laser scan,..).
I need mainly contours from them, for quicker and better map of higher quality.

• Orienteering maps without base materials
If you have nothing . Don’t worry, I will prepare, my own base materials and I will measure
what I will need by myself, but it will takes more time.

• Post production. If you need to insert graphics design, logos, description and so on in to the
map I can do it for you. ( From vector drawing to transformation bitmaps to vectorization
what is necessary to insert it in to the OCAD map.)

If you need to print your map, I can print the map on standard paper or on waterproof

• If you need other type of map for example map of city, map of special sport area or map to
use on your web site I can make it for you too.


I am using for Surveying and cartography:

- Moscow compass - Professional Laser
Rangefinder TruPulse 360B
- GPS Technologies
- Mechanical Pencil Colour leads - Polyester Drafting Matt Film
- A3 laser colour printer, and A4 multifunction printer
- OCAD 10 profesional



TruPulse 360B

The TruPulse 360B is professional laser rangefinder. It is possible to measure distance, altitude and azimuth with hight accuracy. It is very helpful device.



The orthophoto is basic tool to set up dimensions of the map. I want to take as much information
from it as it is possible. If the terrain is very complicated I am using GPS device to make
polygon lines and for measuring complicated parts. I am constructing contours with barometric
altitude meter.